Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN)

Conditions Of Contract
NEC 3 Option B with Z Clauses

39 weeks

Contract Value


Glenlee 132/11kV Substation is an existing outdoor AIS substation connected to the Glenlee hydroelectric generating station.

The substation is being extended by SP Energy Networks as part of the Kendoon Tongland Reinforcement (KTR) project.


The scope of the Enabling work contract involves the demolition and civil construction works associated with the substation platform and control building extension. This includes::

  • Upgrading of the local public roads to facilitate the increased construction traffic volumes by constructing temporary lay-bys and passing places as detailed in the Traffic Management Plan
  • All temporary works necessary for the safe construction of the project and for their removal at the end of the works. This includes Heras fencing of the red line construction boundary, compound and access road lighting (design, install, maintain) as wee as the construction of a temporary holding area for vehicle importing and removing materials from site
  • Site clearance
  • The construction of the main site compound including lighting and associated access road
  • Maintenance and servicing of the main site compound for the duration of the contract
  • The installation of a temporary acoustic noise barrier
  • Deviation of an existing watercourse, the installation of a new surface water drainage system and modifications to the existing site drainage including diversion of existing foul drainage from adjacent properties
  • All bulk earthworks required for the construction of the new extension to the substation and removal of all surplus material
  • The staged installation of 132kV cable ducts
  • Construction of a new permanent entrance and service road to provide access to the area to be extended
  • The construction of new security fencing (including design of in-fill panels) and removal of redundant section of existing fencing, including the relocation/installation of any security alarms
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