Works have included the construction of new water and wastewater treatment works as well as undertaking upgrading and capital maintenance works on existing treatment works assets, and the construction of pipelines, tunnels, shafts and tanks of all shapes, sizes and capacities.

In addition to such mainstream activities, the Company has also delivered programmes of work of a more specialist nature encompassing Telemetry, DSEAR, borehole upgrading, reservoir works, water treatment membrane replacement and treatment works upgrading.


George Leslie covers a wide range of work on reservoirs, including but not limited to decommissioning of redundant assets, reservoir and dam repairs & enhancements and improving accesses.

A traditional mainstay of George Leslie has been sewer pipelines in opencut, tunnel and no-dig solutions. This still accounts for a significant proportion of the Company’s workload, from small diameter pipelines to the very largest, with the skills and competence to work safely in deep excavations, across both rural and urban locations

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