Scottish Water

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NEC 3 Option A

152 weeks

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As part of the MGSDP (Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership), Scottish Water undertook extensive network modelling of the wastewater catchments of Glasgow, culminating in the development of a programme of improvements to the network to reduce the number of spills to the city’s watercourses and address identified water quality and aesthetic failings in the Inner Clyde Estuary caused by sewage discharges.

Millbrae Crescent S108 formed part of the improvement plan.


Significant resistance to a proposed upgrade to the existing network due to sensitivities and proximity to the railway line and road networks, led GL and Scottish Water to develop a new solution to alleviate the problems within the network.

The new scheme collected and transferred flows to a new, less sensitive, CSO sewer intersect position approximately 1km from the original location.

The works consisted of: 14m x 10m x 5m deep steel sheet-piled cofferdam to accommodate the reinforced concrete CSO, which was constructed off-line; 60m x 1.8m dia pipe-jack under Network Rail’s busy Glasgow-Helensburgh rail link; 1.1km x 1.8m dia tunnel boring under roads, school playground, cycle track and close to new build flats, all at approximately 8m depth; 10nr, 6m dia x 9m deep pre-cast concrete-section launch and recovery pits; new outfall & headwall.

Stakeholder management was key to the success of the project with engagement required with the local primary school, Glasgow City Council, Network Rail, Utility providers and the local community.

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