Another summer, another discontinuation.

Outstanding effort from our site management team of Charlie Gallagher and George law over the last eight months to remove Munnoch Reservoir from the purview of the Reservoirs (Scotland) Act 2011 by forming a cut through the 13.5m high main embankment and reducing the stored volume of water remaining in the basin to below 10,000m3 for Scottish Water and Ross Morrim.

To form the cut, the existing structures at the embankment including the valve tower and bridge, the retaining wall in the downstream face and the spillway channel were all removed. A stone invert channel was formed in the invert of the cut using reclaimed pitching stone from the upstream face and step pools were created to tie the new channel into the downstream watercourse.

18,000m3 + of fill removed from the embankment was placed and hydro-seeded within the reservoir basin.

Prior to commencing the works to form the embankment cut the reservoir was very carefully emptied and a bypass channel formed through the existing basin to pass inflow around the works areas.

Great to see the wildlife returning just weeks after completion.

Principal Designer: Mott MacDonald