What George Leslie is doing to minimise our impact on the environment:

GEORGE LESLIE has increased its electric fleet, with more electric vans and facilitated employees to join the electric car lease scheme.

New electric tools are being trialled on some of our sites, with the aim of releasing electric hand tool packs to a number of sites in the future. This will contribute to reducing our carbon emissions by omitting the need for petrol/diesel generators.
The number of Hussh pod generators on sites are also increasing (some of them with charging points for electric equipment/vehicles).

From initial findings on three- and six-month projects, they have the potential to save over 8,000L and 16,000L Carbon Dioxide, respectively. This equates to a potential saving of 21.5tons CO2 for three-month projects and over 43tons CO2 for six-month projects.

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil – manufactured from 100% renewable and sustainable waste-derived raw materials) is purchased to power high-efficiency generators when feasible. The river Gryffe project will be trialling our first diesel-free site in July, with more projects conducting the same trial in the near future.

The aim of the diesel-free sites is to eliminate any use of diesel in plant/tools, wherever possible, and use different options including HVO fuel and electric plant/tools.

We are proud to know that site employees have been implementing several environmental measures to protect their surroundings when undertaking activities.

These include the following: avoid cutting off ancient trees when possible and revegetating with native species; implement additional control measures for filtering water to avoid contamination to streams, reservoirs, and sea; apply mitigation measures to avoid any impacts to biodiversity; reuse spoil on site whenever possible, etc.

GEORGE LESLIE is looking into options to source products made of recyclable materials and purchased from local businesses that are nearer to sites, reducing the distance needed to transport them.

Environmental awareness is being improved across the company, updating inductions, new carbon toolbox talks and improved environmental audits.

As sponsors of the WaterAid Munro Challenge – George Leslie had two teams successfully climb their target mountains and secondary Munro this weekend, raising over £7,000 for WaterAid!!

GEORGE LESLIE is broadening its carbon accounting to other sectors of the company, such as waste, purchased products and stakeholders.

We have reduced our carbon footprint by 30% in the last ten years.

We are committed to becoming Net Zero and are looking at ways to make this happen.

Part of this function is by having a Carbon Management Group to review ideas, innovations, and suggestions from you.

We thank all our employees for making it possible. With your support and suggestions, we can make George Leslie a Net-Zero company.