George Leslie have put significant Covid-19 measures in place ensuring the safety and wellbeing of workers are priorities while work is being carried out on the infrastructure.

Loch Thom, in the countryside near Greenock, provides drinking water to around 100,000 people in Inverclyde and rural Renfrewshire.

Once complete the substantial improvements being undertaken will help safeguard the reservoir and allow a greater volume of water to be drawn from it when required.

As well as measures like segregated welfare facilities, social distancing and additional hygiene practices, dedicated Covid-19 monitors in each of the squads working on-site are on hand to offer guidance.

Tony Judge, reservoir safety team manager, the supervising engineer for Loch Thom, explained: “It’s been a great team effort to get this project re-mobilised. Everyone has taken the new working procedures in their stride while at the same time recognising the importance of them.

“George Leslie implemented Covid-19 monitors and they have been a key part of the site’s success. The monitors oversee daily tasks, ensure team members have suitable personal protective equipment and make sure everyone follows the correct procedures while adhering to the Covid-19 guidance that has been set out for the construction industry.

“The site is a great example of how things should be done and will be used as a blueprint for projects going forward.”