George Leslie meets Time Team on the High Street, Glasgow.

One of the most iconic forms of transportation in Glasgow’s past is the High Street tram and our work on High St has uncovered some of that history.

Glasgow, a city steeped in history and culture, has had a rich transportation heritage. The High Street tram operated on a route that ran from Glasgow’s city center to the eastern suburbs, passing through the historic High Street area.

Our site team have discovered the original stone cobbles along with the original tram lines from 1872.

Glasgow High Street cobbles uncovered

The High Street tram first began operation in 1872, making it one of the first tramways in the United Kingdom. The trams were horse-drawn at first, but were later converted to electric power in 1901. The trams were an integral part of Glasgow’s transportation system for over 70 years, until they were phased out and replaced by buses in the 1940s.

The High Street tram route was particularly popular among residents and visitors alike, as it passed through several historic and cultural landmarks. These included Glasgow Cathedral, the Necropolis, and Glasgow Green. The trams also served as a convenient means of transportation for workers and shoppers in the bustling High Street area.

The original Tram Line discovered

Despite the trams no longer running, the memories and impact of the High Street trams live on in Glasgow. which is why we are providing Glasgow City Council the original cobble stones to be repurposed in an allotment they are building next to our site.

Thanks to the precision of our operatives, the memories and impact of the High Street trams will always be remembered and cherished by Glasgow’s citizens for generations to come.